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This Is Our Story

Enjoying the Nature

rootsconnect LLC started in 2020 when COVID-19 limited our daily lives and required us to shelter in place. Before, we focused mainly on our careers, spent ~10 hours a day in the office, building and operating next-generation technology.

However, something changed when we were forced to work from home:

Somehow, there was more space.

Somehow, there was more freedom of choice.

We were able to define our day based on our energy levels instead of our work schedule. Instead of seamlessly going from one task to the next, we had a choice on how our day would look like. We decided to use this time wisely. We meditated more, started a yoga and exercise routine. We literally regained control of our lives amid the global pandemic's turmoil and uncertainty. 

This change motivated us to go into nature more and hike/walk/sit almost every day. Every time we came back from our time in nature, we were filled with love, compassion, and energy. As a result, we were more effective and efficient at work and in our daily life. We also were able to stay focused and support others that struggled.

By founding rootsconnect LLC, we wanted to give back and help others get the same insights and energy from nature that we gained during these harsh times. Nature is our passion!

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