Choose Your Adventure

Are you spending far too much time in your head? 
Are you continually distracting yourself?

Or do you just want to spend some quality time outside in nature?

To conquer the big challenges in your life, you have to have enough energy and balance. It is tough to maintain the energy you need to overcome these challenges when you are continually struggling. One way to gain strength and recharge your batteries is to spend time in nature and have fun while experiencing all your senses. These adventures are precious and empowering.

We guide you through incredible nature experiences called "rootsconnect adventures."

We love nature and were always drawn to it. Every time we spend time outdoors within the last 15 years, we came back with more energy. 

Our guided nature experiences' goal is to get you out of your head and into your body. This increased mind/body-connection will help you get more grounded to conquer the big challenges in life.