Expand Your Roots So You Can Grow

I bought a little Christmas tree at Trader Joes a couple of years ago.

After Christmas was over, I removed the decorations and replanted it into a bigger pot on the balcony. I took good care of it, watering and fertilizing regularly. Over the years, the little tree grew more prominent, and I had to replant it in larger pots every half a year. The giant pot I bought last year was also getting too small. I knew the tree wanted to grow taller but could not because there was no space for its roots to expand. When I glanced at the tree over the last year, I saw that it didn't look happy anymore. I noticed that the tree wanted to grow as tall as all the other trees in the neighborhood, but there was just no way this would happen while the tree was in a pot.

Looking at the tree, I knew it was time for me to set it free. I thought about where I could plant it. I found a sweet sunny spot outside of the backyard on a little hill, watered through an irrigation system a couple of nights a week. So one day, I took my garden shovel and jumped the fence. I dug a pretty big hole and replanted the tree into the ground outside of the backyard. I watered it thoroughly for a week every day and then handed it over to mother nature.

I moved away from this townhouse that summer and have not been there since I replanted the tree. Still, I can imagine that the tree is thrilled now as it can grow unlimited.

This tree-roots analogy shows me that you have to take care of your roots before doing many other things in life. I mean that you have to build a healthy foundation, heal trauma, or fix whatever holds you back before you can fully emerge yourself into the next step. No matter how much you fertilize and water, if the pot is too small, you can not spread your roots and grow taller! Sometimes, it needs replanting.

Think about where you are stuck in a pot in your life. What prevents your roots from expanding? What are the unhealthy circumstances that hold you back? Think about where you could replant yourself into the wide-open ground to grow your roots for further growth by transforming unhealthy habits into healthy habits.

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Have a beautiful day!

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