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Nature & Forest Therapy
(Nature/Forest Bathing) Walks

Man Hiking in Wilderness

What is Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy is a practice that supports health and wellness through guided immersion in

forests and other environments to promote the well-being of both people and the land. It is inspired by Shinrin-yoku, the Japanese practice of “Forest Bathing.” In Forest Bathing, people spend time in forested areas to enhance health, wellness, and happiness.

"The forest is the therapist; the guide opens the doors."

In Forest Therapy, people are guided through a clearly defined sequence of invitations to slow

down, allow the senses to open, and experience the environment to deepen the reciprocal

relationship between participants and the forest. This supports the wholeness and well-being of

both. These Slow Walks in the Forest are typically one- to two-kilometers long and fit for all ages

and physical conditions. Invitations are open-ended. There is no expectation for what participants should experience or receive. Rather, participants spend time in silence, listening and feeling with a quiet and accepting presence. They become reconnected with their senses and their innate creative potential is tapped, which allows the imagination to awaken.

Why Forest Therapy?

Forest Therapy promotes:

• The improvement of human health. People are more stressed, anxious, and depressed and

have more chronic health conditions. Forest Therapy provides a pathway for people to

remember how to immerse themselves in nature to rest from all that consumes them in

their daily lives.

• A greater sense of connectedness. Jacques Cousteau once said, “People protect what they

love.” A heartfelt, embodied relationship with nature naturally leads to a love of nature and

recognition that we are nature.

• A greater sense of compassion. Somatic work with the Earth and our bodies provides

participants the opportunity to remember the nature of relationship and the way we are all

connected. The sense of connectedness leads toward compassion and away from apathy,

greed, and selfishness. This deeper compassion supports the kind of relational values that

will support new solutions for the health of people and the planet.


Christoph, our ANFT (Association of Nature and Forest Therapy) certified guide, will guide you through your in-person or remote walks. He is also Wilderness First Aid certified and provides a safe environment for you.

How to get involved?

  • Book 1:1 or small group (couples & families, up to 5 people) walks. 

  • Participate in public in-person walks in San Diego, CA

       (limited free tickets available for health-care workers).

  • Request individual remote walks here.

(We donate one tree in our virtual forest for each customer's experience completed.)

What do our clients say after participating in one of our walks?

"I feel like I truly walked away from this experience with some new perspective. I found some surprising calm. And I also felt more connected to myself, others, and the natural world." - Shannon


"The forest bathing experience of Christoph was magical." - Robrecht Dumarey

"I recommend this walk to anybody who wants to be more in touch with nature." - Monica Sanchez

"Step by step, leaf by leaf, you are immersed and intimately aware of the sights, sounds, smells, tastes and textures of these glorious giants. The group gatherings and the sharing with others from afar, connect our wondrous worlds through the magic amongst the trees." - Diane A., Playwright, Chicago

"If you want to calm, ground and connect, this is a must experience." - Anonymous participant


"This was a powerful experience that far exceeded anything I imagined. For such a short time investment, this has returns that will pay off in all parts of my life. Connect to the wonder within you with this experience." - Leo Babauta, founder of Zen Habits

If you are in need of relaxation and being reconnected with yourself and your true essence, a nature walk with Christoph is a great way to do this. I would have never believed that in 2 hours I could tap into such a deep sense of awe and wonder that I often feel is missing in my day to day life. The mental and physical relaxation I experienced was profound. I had no idea how much I was in need of this reconnection to myself." - Amanda Goddard

"Christoph’s gentle guidance through the Nature & Forest Therapy awakened all of my senses and left me feeling revitalized and eager to move forward with my aspirations to lead my best life, and the energy to face the challenges along the way." - Anonymous participant


"I got entirely new perspectives to nature. The forest felt like a church, calming and revitalizing the mind and body. I highly recommend experiencing forest bathing as guided by Christoph." - Ville Salmensuu, MD.

"I loved forest bathing with Christoph. His gentle invitations guided me to relate to Golden Hill Park in a different way than I was able to do on my own. They gave me a chance to find sanctuary in the little things -- tiny ecosystems. The experience helped me feel closer to my surroundings and float with my senses. And his playful approach reminded me to relax and explore. I felt free, adventurous and at ease. Thank you, Christoph, for reminding me that peace and creativity await us outdoors!" - Supraja

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